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Democrats retain power in the Senate

Democrats retain power in the Senate

If the predictions are correct, that means the Democrats will get the 50th seat in the Senate and will retain power in the House by virtue of the vice presidential vote. There may also be another mandate, from Georgia, where the election took place on Tuesday so there will be a re-election in December. Republicans have so far won 49 seats.

Cortez Masto took the lead in Nevada after just over 20,000 postal votes were counted from Clark County, Nevada’s largest county where Las Vegas is located, among other things. She wrote that she got 61 percent of those votes, which put her ahead by nearly 5,000 votes across Nevada New York times.

Nevada counts all mailed mail votes on Election Day, which causes vote counting to take some time.

Still uncertain in the House

Democrats have also taken a few more seats in the House of Representatives, the second chamber of Congress, and are slowly approaching the magic 218 seats needed for the party to retain power there as well.

At 4 a.m. Swedish time, the Republicans had won 211 seats against the Democrats’ 204, he said. New York times. The Republicans are ahead in ten other areas, but in five of them the advance is less than two percentage points.

It would be highly unexpected if the Democrats retained control of the House as well, since the party of the incumbent usually lags in the midterm elections. Before the election, the party had only a slight advantage and President Joe Biden also had very low confidence numbers.

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Trump’s husband won the gubernatorial election

Adam Laxalt’s loss in Nevada is another example of setbacks for Republicans who supported former President Donald Trump’s unfounded allegations of voter fraud in 2020. Ahead of the midterm elections, Trump visited Nevada twice to support Laxalt and other Republican candidates.

But in the gubernatorial election itself, Trump’s candidate, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, won. He narrowly won over incumbent Governor Steve Sisolak, who has been heavily criticized for shutting down during the pandemic.