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Demonstrating against a demonstration in Al-Wudan – a fine

Demonstrating against a demonstration in Al-Wudan – a fine


Published: 2023-08-30 11:39

Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT/

A 35-year-old man was sentenced for disobeying law and order when, as a counter-protester against Rasmus Paludan’s demonstration, he attempted to cross barriers before being chased away by the police.

On 12 May 2022, a demonstration broke out over Rasmus Paludan’s burning of the Holy Quran at the Frolunda Cultural Centre, in Frolunda Torg. Police erected riot fencing to secure the area.

A number of opposition demonstrators stood around the barriers. Among them is a 35-year-old man who gave a personal account of the case that he climbed the fence and moved quickly towards Rasmus Paludan. He explained that it was an emotionally motivated act. He was annoyed that Rasmus had allowed Waludan to take over the place in question. He saw the police officers inside the fence and realized that the fence was there to keep people at the scene away from Rasmus Paludan.

aggressive atmosphere

He also says that he tried to run between some policemen but stopped when one of the policemen urged him on. Then they put him on the ground.

A police officer testified that there was an aggressive atmosphere at the scene as the counter-protesters shouted many ugly words at Rasmus Paludan. According to the police, she saw how the 35-year-old suddenly climbed over the fence and started running, trying to sneak between the officers. Police said the colleague grabbed the 35-year-old and they knocked him down together.

The District Court confirms first and foremost that the 35-year-old had participated in a public gathering which led to a disturbance of public order.

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The 35-year-old should be considered part of the large gathering of counter-protesters. “His actions indicate that it is reasonable to see it that way,” the district court wrote.

Disturbing public order

The District Court also wrote in the judgment that information from the police that the atmosphere was violent, that the counter-protesters were aggressive and that they shouted many ugly words at Rasmus Paludan, shows that the crowd disturbed public order.

“The disorderly behavior of the crowd is something that NN must have realized. It is also clear that NN entered an area that was cordoned off to maintain order, as well as that he knew why the area was cordoned off.”

Hence the allegation is proven and the 35-year-old must therefore be sentenced for disobeying law enforcement.

The penalty was set at 30 daily fines of SEK 80.