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Mitch McConnell froze and fell silent for a second

Mitch McConnell froze and fell silent for a second

McConnell was giving a press conference in Covington, Kentucky, when asked if he would run for Senate again in 2026. Instead of answering, he stared off, gritted his teeth and was silent for more than 30 seconds.

Despite the urging of his co-workers, he received no response. In the end, the Senate Republican leader was able to answer two more questions, but only after being rehearsed by his staff, he writes. BBC.

– McConnell felt dizzy and paused during his press conference today, a spokesman for the Senate leader said, according to the TV channel.

I’ll consult a doctor

To America CBS A member of McConnell’s team said the 81-year-old was doing well but would see a doctor before his next appearance.

This is not the first time the senator has suddenly fallen silent during his public appearances. And in July, he made headlines around the world when he froze during a press conference and many raised questions about his health. In March, McConnell was hospitalized after a fall, a concussion and a broken rib. He did not return to the Senate until mid-April. US media have since reported that the minority leader has fallen at least three times since February.

The incident again sparked discussions about the age of several US politicians in leadership positions. According to the BBC, the average age of senators in the United States is currently 65.

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