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During the day, the Danish Parliament will again debate the Social Democrats bill to move the asylum process in Denmark to a country outside Europe. A vote on the proposal is expected on Thursday, which has been criticized, among other things, for its lack of detail.

The Social Democrats claim that their model will fix a crippled asylum system.

It is a new asylum system that will contribute to reducing the number of people seeking asylum in Denmark, reducing the number of refugees and migrants who drown in the Mediterranean, and reducing the number of people who are subjected to ill-treatment on migratory routes, according to Minister of Immigration and Integration Matthias Tesfai (S.) When the government bill was first discussed in Parliament in early May.

He even said that The new asylum system could break the incentive for both refugees and other migrants to move to “welfare associations” in Europe.

– Matthias Tesfai said that there is a reason not to stay in Romania and seek asylum, but that they are continuing in the direction of Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and other countries with more advanced welfare systems.

However, no asylum application can be submitted directly at the asylum center – third-country citizens and stateless persons must continue to travel all the way to the Danish border. Once the asylum application has been submitted, refugees must be airlifted to the host country.

According to Jyllands-Posten The government has held talks with Tunisia, Ethiopia, Egypt and Rwanda as potential host countries for the Danish Reception Center.

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According to the proposal, refugees who have obtained asylum should not be allowed to come to Denmark either, but must be integrated into the country in which the reception center is located or transferred to the UN refugee camp.

Matthias Tesfai said in Folketing that an asylum application granted as a starting point will no longer lead to a residence permit in Denmark, and therefore will not be an entry ticket to our welfare association.

In practical terms, this means that Denmark will almost exclusively receive zero refugees who have automatically applied for asylum in the country. Instead, the SPD government has opened up to refugees receiving refugees with a quota system from the United Nations, something Denmark has not done for several years.

Both the United Nations and the European Union have it He criticized the proposal. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has it urge Parliament did not vote on the proposal because the model conflicts with the principles underlying international refugee cooperation.

The bill has also received criticism from politicians and other Danish organizations as well as Amnesty International and the Red Cross for its lack of details on how to protect human rights, for example.

– Matthias Tesfai said: – We cannot describe in detail how human rights will be concretely protected until we get an agreement with another country.

Minister of Immigration You think the government first wants to create legal space for the new asylum system – then you can provide the details.

Many Danish parties have begun to pursue an increasingly restrictive immigration policy, and Kasper Muller Hansen, a professor of political science at the University of Copenhagen, views the Social Democrats’ proposal as a symbolic policy.

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The Social Democrats want to be seen as the party with the most restrictive immigration policy, as Mueller-Hansen previously told TT.

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