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The dictator’s message: Hockey frills and skinny jeans are prohibited

In May, the government-controlled Rodong Sinmum newspaper ran an article that worries North Korea’s youth are increasingly embracing the “weird and decadent” capitalist lifestyle, according to the South Korean News Agency. Yonhap.

The newspaper warned that if nothing was done, the country could collapse like a “wet wall”.

“We must pay attention to even the slightest sign of the capitalist lifestyle and strive to get rid of it,” the newspaper said.

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The country’s dictator Kim Jong Un made an impression, thus banning skinny jeans and sweaters with branded prints, piercings in the nose, and lips among others. In addition, the state bans a large number of “non-socialist” hairstyles, including hockey ruffles and a comb The rooster.

To create order and order, members of the state’s youth union patrolling are often seen as “costume police” to scold people who wear clothing that looks “foreign”.

North Korea has recently made efforts to tighten ideological control in the country. In December, a new law was passed tightening the penalty for possession of video material from South Korea, in order to prevent the influx of foreign culture that could influence the ideology of the population.

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