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Denmark: The Crown Prince responds – after criticism: “It applies to our children.”

A month ago, Danish Crown Prince Frederik was criticized by conservative nationalist politician Pernel Vermond for her commitment to the climate.

– I have to admit it’s a bit difficult. Mainly because I like that the royal house is politically neutral. Pernell Vermond said at the time that the Queen was wonderful at staying on the right side of what I thought the royal house should be politically.

Pernell Vermond believes that the Crown Prince and his wife, Crown Princess Mary, have become Danish advocates for the climate issue. She says they should not get involved in politics.

The Crown Prince and the Crown Prince have received many awards for their green work. Among other things, Crown Princess Mary participated in several summits of the Council of Europe to discuss the climate issue.

Crown Prince Frederick also gave an opening speech to the digital conference “Countdown 2030” on the climate issue earlier this year. He was also an ambassador for the “Green Country” project for 13 years.

Peter Seier Christensen and Pernille Vermund, founders of Nye Borgerlige.


It applies to our children.

Now Crown Prince Frederick is responding to the criticism.

It has become a policy but green solutions affect us all. This applies to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It’s so relevant now that it’s an important issue that everyone should try to highlight and be informed about, he says during a press conference in Iceland, according to BT.

At the same time, Pernell Vermond believes that the Danish people will lose faith in the royal family if they continue to practice too much politics.

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“I believe and hope they will also think of the organization they are part of,” she tells BT.

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