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Destiny 2: Crossplay support is coming!

Destiny 2: Crossplay support is coming!

A long-awaited feature by many fans will soon find its way to Destiny 2: We’re talking cross-play support!

Hard to believe, but true! Bungie has listened to its fans and announced in a recent post that they are in the midst of preparing to support cross-play in Destiny 2. There has already been a testing phase for this in the past.

In season 15 it will be official, because it will be the season in which the cross-play functionality is given in the game. players on xbox, Playstation, Stadia or on PC can then form a unit together and take on the risks in the game.

For this purpose, some changes are made, which even begin with the name of the player. Here each guardian is given a Bungie name that does not differ on different platforms. The only way to find out what platform a team member is currently on is by an icon next to the player’s name.

Speaking of your teammates, all the players you have added as friends will remain in your friends list. An additional filter option allows players to be shown only on certain platforms.

If you are currently lacking friends, you can use Fireteam Finder, which also shows you players on other platforms. Maybe there are new colleagues who were only using Xbox until now? You never know!

You can find more information about crossplay support over here. Which friends on other platforms will you collaborate with?