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Details: Putin stores food in his private bunker  the world

Details: Putin stores food in his private bunker the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Photo: Alexander Astafyev / AP TT

The house that is said to be Putin's private hideout on the border with Mongolia.

Photo: Oleg Tymin / east2west news

On the border between Russia and Mongolia lies a large and legendary house.

On paper, the building is owned by the gas company Gazprom, but according to numerous rumors and theories, the palace is actually a private security bunker for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The newspaper reported that Putin was once there with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and is said to have also been there with his alleged mistress Alina Kabaeva.

“They wear strict clothes”

Recently, information about the house leaked to Pozdnyakov's Russian channel on Telegram, including from someone who claims to have worked there shipping large quantities of food to a nearby warehouse, wrote.

According to the information, they must have been rations, canned food and grains in quantities sufficient to feed between 200 and 300 people for several years.

“We unload the load at the warehouse and then load the goods into other trucks. The drivers of these cars are definitely not ordinary long-distance drivers. They are dressed strictly and their faces are serious,” the user wrote on Telegram.

According to the source, these are not ordinary food items.

“I've never seen anything like this before – imported, expensive, and not like our (Russian) food.”

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