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Government office appeal: ‘Tiktok must be deleted’

An internal message was sent, Tuesday, to staff at the government office. “The Tiktok app must be deleted,” reads the title of the message, seen by Expressen.

By December 1 at the latest, measures will be implemented that will mean that phones with Tiktok installed will no longer be able to use Blackberry Work, a bundle of applications for, among others, email, calendar and document management.

The government office also reminds employees that apps downloaded to company phones and tablets must be work-related.

Trump’s battle against TikTok

Tiktok is a platform where users create and share videos and live streams. It is owned by the Chinese company Bytedance.

In 2020, information emerged that Bytedance, which has strong ties to the Chinese state, was illegally collecting data on users.

Then-US President Donald Trump decided to ban the application, but the court prevented the decision from becoming effective, and successor Joe Biden later canceled it.

Jenny Riederstedt, press secretary at the Government Office, wrote in an email:

“The government office is working continuously to maintain a high level of information security. As part of this work, information has been released that the Tiktok app should be deleted.”

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