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Details: The dictator’s plane left Moscow

Details: The dictator’s plane left Moscow

Details: The dictator’s plane left Moscow

Russia’s dictator may have fled the presidential palace.

Speculation about Putin’s whereabouts is now in full swing.

Raised at 16:16

– There have been a number of reports that Vladimir Putin’s presidential plane took off from Moscow’s Vankovo ​​Airport, reports The Guardian.

– Uploaded at 16.16 local time which is equivalent to 12.16 UK time.

Then he flew northwest

This was reported by a reputable British newspaper.

Only 45 miles

The revelations come as warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin and his brutal mercenaries known as the Wagner Group are marching into Moscow.

It is now said that Wagner’s soldiers entered another Russian country; Lipetsk.

Thus, they are only 45 miles from Moscow.

According to information from the Wagner Group, they are heading towards the Russian capital in what appears to be an attempt at a possible coup against Putin’s regime.

Putin’s geographic location

The authorities in the region [Lipetsk] The incident in the southwestern part of Russia urged residents to stay home, the Guardian reported.

At the same time, the question is where is the dictator of Russia.

After the Wagner Group launched its attack on the Russian military, Putin came out in a televised speech Saturday morning.
But then its geographical location became a big question mark.

disappeared from the system

– According to data from the tracking website FlightRadar, he went missing [Putins] The planes reached the Tver region.

It is about 20 miles north of Moscow and Putin has a residence in the area.

After the plane circled the Tver region, it disappeared from the system, according to The Guardian.

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– It was not possible to confirm whether Putin was on board.

He claims he didn’t run away

His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, issued a statement on the Russian state news agency, Tass, about the president.

– Works in the Kremlin, Peskov claims.

The Kremlin is the official palace of the Russian dictator in Moscow.

With the support of the Islamic dictatorship

At the same time, the allies of the Putin regime are marching. The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in support of Putin.

– Iran supports the preservation of the law in the Russian Federation and considers that the recent developments are an internal Russian matter, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Foto: Office of the Russian President

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