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Development captain feels bitter after regression.  ‘It’s kind of silly’

Development captain feels bitter after regression. ‘It’s kind of silly’

Developers Bella Dolina will join the Polish Championship qualifiers from second place after the regular season. After a long period of reigning the table, he was overtaken in the last round. – We’re sorry about that – says Jelena Blagojevich.

Sebastian Szczekowski

Jelena Blagojevich

WP SportoweFakty / Monica Bleach / Pictured: Jelena Blagojevich

Victory in the Tauron Liga regular season is determined by the head-to-head match between the leader and runner-up. Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów had two points ahead of him from Grupa Azoty Chemik Police. In this case, he needed at least two winning combinations in the police, but he did not complete the task. With a 3:1 victory for Marek Merlinsky’s count, she overtook the Developres with a throw on the bar.

– Not nice to say, but a little ridiculous that we took second place in the table. After all, Chemik lost four matches, and we only lost two. We’re sorry about that – says Jelena Blagojevich, host of Developres.

– For almost the entirety of the regular season, we were number one in the table and played much better than Chemik. However, we must look at ourselves. Our way of playing and training is good. What is positive must be transferred to the field. The season is successful for us and everything is waiting for us – adds Serpka.

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Blagojevich did not want to blame her defeat in the police on the match that was held in Istanbul in the middle of the previous week. The developers said goodbye to the Champions League after the fight with VakifBank.

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– More than exhaustion, it prevented us from participating very sparingly. Shimek played very well and everything was good for him, we didn’t get excited from the start of the match. We paid for it, Blagojevich recalls.

– Martyna Czyrniańska has shown sophistication in service and made a difference. However, there are still more elements of the dependence that were to be improved. First of all, it’s motivation, because it makes a difference when you play with strong teams – says the Developres host.

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