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Diablo Immortal launches closed beta with interesting news

you fantasize Take the Diablo saga everywhere? Without a doubt it will be an incredible thing, but fortunately it will not remain an idea, because in the year 2022 We’re going from franchise to mobile with Diablo Immortal.

Surprisingly enough, Blizzard announced a closed beta that will be available from today, October 28, and in addition to IGN Latin America, we had the opportunity to speak with White Cheng and Caleb Arsenault, two of the brains behind the title and they told us great news.

Console control support

It will be one of the most attractive options in Diablo Immortal Possibility to connect our console controls to a cell phone for you to play, something that fans of consoles will undoubtedly appreciate.

They also gave us a list of compatible controls, including the remote control Xbox One, X/S series, Dualshok 4 y Dual Sense, Unfortunately, since it is a technology that is just being implemented, there will be times when we will have to use the cell phone screen and not the control, something they confirmed to update in the future.

Courtesy: Blizzard

Necromancer will be available

If you have been a longtime Diablo fan, you will surely be very excited about the arrival of a popular new class, necromancerWhich has not been confirmed regarding the mobile address, but fortunately For your followers, it will be available.

Courtesy Blizzard

Immortal Challenge

Although the Diablo saga has been distinguished as a single player, its leap to mobile devices will allow you to implement new mechanics such as Immortal Challenge, a 30v1 battle where the immortal will play the role of the boss, but if defeated, the remaining players must face each other in a battle royale.

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Courtesy Blizzard

Daily Rewards

Like other mobile phone addresses, there will be many reasons to return to it Immortal Diablo as new dungeons to explore That would give us bonuses and resources for our character.

The only bad news is that The closed beta will only be available in Canada and Australia, with upcoming access to China, Japan and Korea, so it remains only to be aware of the official networks of the game to see if there will be a date for Latin America.

Courtesy Blizzard

Axel Amézquita is an editor at IGN Latin America, a comiciro by birth, with a taste for great cinema, photography, video games and stories. You can follow him on social networks like Tweet embed