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Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox has been confirmed

Final Fantasy VII RemakeIt was one of the most awaited and most valuable games to come to PlayStation 4 over the past year and was also sold as part of a temporary exclusive on Sony consoles extending its release period. Exclusivity when Integrade arrives and PS5.

And due to her huge success, her impeccable graphics and New approach to the story, many players from other consoles such as PC or Xbox They are still waiting for the adventures of Cloud and his friends to arrive on other platforms, which seems very soon, It looks like the address has been confirmed in the Microsoft console.

He. She Above thanks to the official Xbox China account, A survey was conducted to mark the console’s 20th anniversary. In the question options, it was indicated Tifa Lockhart, one of the heroes of the original game and the new version.

Could it be that The tweet was going to refer to Tifa in 1997, but because scanning It was erased after a few minutes, It sparked fan speculation about the arrival of the 2020 game for Microsoft console owners.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, debuted as a temporary exclusive for PS4, but due to the arrival of the PS5 version And the Yuffie episode, the exclusivity period has been extended for about an additional year until the game arrives at Xbox could arrive in 2022.

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