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Did Bayern Munich concede more goals?  "I'll win 5: 2 rather than 1-0 or 2-0" Soccer

Did Bayern Munich concede more goals? “I’ll win 5: 2 rather than 1-0 or 2-0” Soccer

Bayern Munich maintains a consistent form in the Champions League or the Bundesliga, where it still retains its leading position, although the German Cup could not say that and had to say goodbye to it. The German champions lost 0: 5 to Borussia Moensenkladpak. After this match, Bayern Union conceded two goals against Berlin (5: 2) and another two goals against Benfica Lisbon (5: 2).

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The situation worried German journalists, who asked team coach Julian Knucklesman about Bayern’s defensive position. – Lately it has been a bit weak. This is a topic throughout the team, how well do we do it, how do we initiate changes, how much pressure do I put on when losing the ball, decision-making behavior on the last line, when should I attack, and when should I not? We all need to find ourselves and become more consistent – he replied.

Bayern Munich conceded nine goals in three games. Did the team collapse? “I want it to be 5: 2 rather than 1: 0 or 2: 0”

Are conceded goals bothering Julian Knoglesman? – I would not choose a decision of 5: 0 to 5: 2 because it would be crazy. But I would win 5: 2 rather than 1: 0 or 2: 0 – said the German coach. Why would a coach want to win more by giving up two goals than by winning with a clean sheet? The reason is simple: “I also like to cheer, it’s a lot of fun. If you can enjoy goals often, it’s a lot of fun.

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It was only in the last two matches that Bayern took a defensive advantage, thanks to which the German champions’ players did not have to worry about losing goals. It is noteworthy that after scoring the first goal for Union or Benfica, Knucklesman’s players continued to score.

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This season, Bayern Munich impresses in scoring goals. After 10 rounds at the Bundesliga, the team has a balance of 38 goals and conceded only 10. This is the best As a result In German league history. The only team to score fewer goals was SC Freiburg (8 – including one against Bayern). The two teams clash in the 11th round of the Bundesliga in Munich. There are still dozens of minutes left in the match, and the scoreboard for the hosts is 1-0.