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Southampton - Aston Villa.  Bednarek's team defeated the Cash team.  Premier League

Southampton – Aston Villa. Bednarek’s team defeated the Cash team. Premier League

In the current Premier League season, Aston Villa have only won three. Mattie Cash’s team performs very average in the league, and before the 11th round fights it was only 15th.

The game against Southampton started sadly for Aston Villa. Already in the third minute of the match, Adam Armstrong entered the list of snipers who took Southampton to the lead. In the ensuing match, there were no lively shots and neither team was able to hit the net of rivals.

Mattie Cash has appeared in all 11 Aston Villa Premier League games so far. The defender, who was appointed to the November team of the Polish national team, has won a league.

In turn, John Bednarek has so far played in eight games in the English Premier League for Southampton.

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