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"Women's Project".  Dance learning and an amazing scene.  "I wanted to get out of there"

“Women’s Project”. Dance learning and an amazing scene. “I wanted to get out of there”

It’s time for new challenges in “Project Lady”. After transformations, Each of the participants must learn to dance. Students also had the opportunity to go to the theater. When the transformed students of the “Lady’s Project” returned to the palace in Ozarzano, the meeting with Malcorsada Rosenek-Mazdan awaited them. The guide was another challenge for them as they learned to dance. The women encountered some early in their training Difficulties. They do not hide the fact that it is not an easy task.

However, everyone tried their best. They had to present their newly acquired talents on the dance floor, which prompted them to perform.. After both the dance lesson and the show were over, the participants of the “Ladies Project” went to Tatiana Mindevich-Puwax. There they also touched on the topic of relationships, which became particularly painful for Josiah. There were hard experiences behind that woman that lost faith in true love. The guide, however, tried to convince her not to look at all men through the prism of her experiences. Although it was very difficult, participant decided to reflect on the words of Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz.

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“Women’s Project”. Going to the theater surprised the little girls

In the evening, the participants of the “Ladies Project” went to the theater with their dance partners. However the initial excitement turned to shame. Instead of “Dziady”, an performance awaited them that reflected their behavior. Josiah in particular did not like it. The girl could not approach the performance in a positive way.

What do the other participants say? Many of them were happy with the event and made some decisions.

Of course going to the theater gave a lot to think about women.

“Women’s Project”. Which of the participants danced best?

The next day there was a lot of stress for the participants in the “Ladies Project”. The reason for all this is the upcoming dance competition. The girls have to make their arrangements not only for the guides but also for the jury who came to the palace.. When the dance challenge was over, that turned out to be the case Victoria handled him better. The victory made her very happy.

After an eventful day, it is time for the less happy part in making your decision. The guides made a choice – The palace in Ojrzanow had to leave Natalia. Otherwise Due to ill health, Victoria had to withdraw from the program.

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