Or rather, says The Verge. The portal claims to have received some documents from Epic Games in the case against Apple. According to them, the iPhone maker has unofficially planned to release the Sony PlayStation Nav for smartphones in 2017. The service is supposed to stream 450 PS3 games, and over time PS4 titles will come to it. Of course, the whole thing sounds like a very long dead phone.

Is PlayStation Smartphone Now?

Is PlayStation Smartphone Now?

It is worth noting here that Apple Arcade includes game streaming in response to Sony services, namely PS Plus and PS Now. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In fact, at the time it was not known if Sony actually had such plans, but it was not clear if it had abandoned implementing them or if Apple had received false information.

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It is also worth noting that according to other rumors, a hybrid of the PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus will appear in the spring of 2022. However, not to mention the presence of the service on smartphones, while Sony has already declined to comment, which says so much because the company has not denied anything. Additionally, the patent for the new PlayStation Controller may be some clue in this regard Dedicated pad for smartphones. So these are all likely to come together. Of course, this is only speculation based on a few years and recent rumors and a patent application. So do not take it too seriously.

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