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The epidemic has affected the mental health of children in Słupsk

The epidemic has affected the mental health of children in Słupsk

According to experts, 20 percent of children and adolescents in Słupsk have mental health problems. So an agreement was signed between the mental health center in Słupsk and the municipal schools. The point is to legitimize the structure of the Psychological and Psychological Clinic’s help for children, parents, and educators for students, parents, and educators.

At a press conference in Słupsk Town Hall, it was announced that the city has done nothing, which is very important for the management of its younger residents, their relatives, teachers and municipal schools.

– The problem is, unfortunately, not diminishing but growing. So, we go against him. That is why we have signed an agreement for cooperation between the schools and the counseling center, and we plan to extend it to the next step – said Vice President Marta Maguch.

– The most important here and I would like to strongly emphasize is the element of cooperation between the Marshall’s office in Gdańsk and the officers of Słupsk. This hospital would not exist without help and mutual cooperation – said Krzysztof Sikorski, director of the Słupsk Mental Health Center.

On October 5, the Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic for Children and Adolescents officially opened on 34 Tuwima Street in Słupsk. The facility was started by a psychiatric center in Słupsk and has been receiving patients for more than two months. At that time, the number of students with problems in our city was very high.