Nobody expects to see new people this year Notes from Samsung. The Koreans have made it clear that they don’t want to continue this seriesBy sharing S Pena with other devices. Including the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3, which will be the main reason why there is no sense in the continued existence of devices from the Galaxy Note family. As you can imagine, not everyone liked this decision, so a special petition was created for Samsung.

The Galaxy Note series has theoretically disappeared, but fans can’t handle this loss – a petition has been created

samsung galaxy note21 makes design vision

The petition was founded by SamMobileOne of the most famous portals focused on Samsung. Within 3 days, approximately 24,000 signatures were obtained out of the 25,000 required. In this way, it is really only a matter of time until the desired result is achieved. What do the petitioners want to achieve from this? The new Galaxy Note in the first half of next year. There is even a suggestion to abandon the Galaxy S in favor of a new device Notes. It is likely, by then, that the problems with accessing the integrated circuits will not be so obvious, so … the decision will still be up to Samsung.

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Koreans no doubt know what to do when they forgo the next generation Galaxy Note app. Such a decision may have been made last year about the premiere of the Galaxy Note20. However, rumors of a variety keep popping up on the web Fan Edition, but … there are no details at the moment.

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Source: Gizchina, SamMobile, LetsGoDigital

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