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Dinar demands Swedish radio interview: “A horrific translation” – EKOT News

Dinar demands Swedish radio interview: “A horrific translation” – EKOT News

Christian Democrats demand a meeting with Swedish radio leadership after SR’s Arab and Somali editorial board incorrectly quoted party leader Ibba Bush. Bush spoke in an environmental interview after the riots over the Easter holiday in which she questioned why no more Islamists were being harmed, but the word “Islamists” was incorrectly translated to “Muslims.”

It was after riots over the Easter holidaywhen several police officers were injured, with Ebba Bush in an Echot interview on Saturday wondering why the police didn’t shoot so sharply and why it wasn’t Islamists rather than police officers who were injured.

– So there are at least a hundred wounded policemen, and the big question that must now be asked is: Why do we not have at least a hundred wounded Islamists, a hundred wounded criminals, and a hundred wounded rebels?

But on Swedish radio In Arabic and Somali, the word “Islamists” is translated as “Muslims”, which gives the translation a completely different meaning. Party Secretary Peter Colgren thinks the translation is “appalling”. This has today’s news and the location Napkin mentioned in. In the special review of Radio Sveriges, it was found that the same error also occurred in a headline in the Kurdish language. Swedish Radio has now notified the media ombudsman and the Christian Democrats are calling for a meeting with the SR leadership.

– It’s unbelievable that such a thing would happen. In order for us to feel confident, I would like to meet and listen to the Swedish Broadcasting Administration. How do you make sure things like this go right? How do we make sure that doesn’t happen again? Peter Colgren says.

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Sveriges VD Cilla Benkö . Radios You did not answer the question of the meeting with management. She refers to Gabi Katz, editor-in-chief of Radio Sweden.

– It’s unfortunate, but something went wrong. We made a mistake and as soon as we learned about it, we went in and corrected it, says Gabe Katz.

But how can it go wrong in so many places?

– Yes, this is something we are investigating now. I don’t see any connection between that, says Gabe Katz.