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Russia’s sarcastic challenge by Helen Vossholm

Veronika Stepanova has been criticized for her appreciation of Vladimir Putin.

She is now “challenging” the Norwegian figure skater Helen Vossholm.

“We must book a title fight,” Stepanova wrote on Instagram.

After receiving a gold medal during the Beijing Olympics, the support of Veronika Stepanova, 21, for Vladimir Putin was noted. At the same time that Russia invaded Ukraine, Russian Stepanova took a clear position.

– In my eyes, Russia has grown into a strong, proud and courageous country again. Not everyone likes it, but we will win, as we did at the Olympics. Thank you to the president for raising the country’s flag high. We will not lower it. I promise you.

She stated this in the context of the award ceremony after the Olympics, where Putin himself handed the medal to the 21-year-old. On social media, Stepanova continued her activity on this issue and wrote, among other things, that she did not see any reason to “hide” her opinions and feelings.

One of those who criticized Stepanova is the Norwegian figure skater Helen Vucisholm, 20.

“These values ​​are very far from me.”

It is said that sports and politics should be separated, but there is Russia which certainly does not separate sports and politics. They use sports as propaganda, and then it’s hard for us to tell them apart as well. At least when practitioners themselves do not recognize it. They face Putin, and those values ​​are so opposite to mine that I somehow cannot say enough, according to Fossesholm according to NRK.

The Norwegian previously said that she had a friendly relationship with Stepanova regarding competitions, but now things have changed.

It is clear that he will never forget. Obviously, there are some values ​​that they represent. These values ​​are very far from me. I can not imagine it. You can only imagine it when you meet someone who has conflicting values ​​like him and who advocates for them, says Vossholm.

Norwegian Challenges: ‘Make-up on neutral ground’

Criticism reached Stepanova – who herself chose to respond in a somewhat ironic way. Now she’s challenging Fossesholm, all the while drawing parallels with the MMA world.

She writes on Instagram and continues: “Because obviously we are already in the garbage talking stage…”

“Now, by the rules of the game, Helen Vossholm and I should book a title fight. At least three rounds – distance, sprint and – poker maybe. With weight and ‘staring down’, of course. I’d suggest we settle on neutral ground, for example. The example is in China. We can sell the right to pay TV and share income as adults.”