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Anderson does not want to delay NATO’s decision

Anderson does not want to delay NATO’s decision

She is vague about what it could mean that the party council will not be ready to make a decision on May 15. She asserts that a lot of people think that everything is going too fast now.

When asked how long Sweden could wait for its letter if Finland had its say, perhaps already in a week, she said:

– Anderson says in connection with the International Donor Conference for Ukraine in Warsaw that it is important that there is a serious process, but there is no reason to delay it unnecessarily.

She refers to the dialogue in the party that will end on May 12, and the analysis of security policy in Parliament with a final report on May 13.

On Wednesday, Party Secretary Tobias Boden (S) announced that the party is calling for an additional meeting of the Party Council on May 15 and is not waiting for the meeting already planned for May 24. Observations are now being submitted nine days before, three days after the end of the ongoing security policy dialogue with district councils and members.

security insurance

Foreign Minister Anne Linde said Sweden received “security insurance” from the US for the period between applying for NATO membership and joining full membership. The German government promised Magdalena Andersen its full support during that time. She says the gap is risky.

It is a somewhat uncertain period from the time the application is submitted until you become a full member of NATO. “We’ve had discussions with key NATO countries about how they see opportunities to receive different types of support during this period,” Anderson says.

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– You can reduce the risks by having security arrangements with other countries and this is what we discussed with the major NATO countries.

It is about security on the path to membership, if Sweden chooses that path.

The Swedish and Finnish governments have repeatedly emphasized that they are trying to coordinate the path towards deciding whether or not to apply for membership.

– Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said when she attended the donor conference, that we are coordinating with Sweden, and we have daily contacts.

Applies to courage

Sanna Marin said it is now important to be brave when it comes to the security of your country and to make choices in security policy.

– We must make sure that what happens in Ukraine will never happen in Finland, says Marin.

Her party, the Finnish Social Democratic Party, plans to announce it by May 14. In the previous days, on May 12, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö will announce his position on this issue, and on May 17 he will make a state visit to Sweden.

On May 13, the parliamentary parties will present their security policy analysis after talks led by Foreign Minister Anne Lind (S) with the assistance of Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist (S).