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Lotto winners missed out on winnings of $376 million

Lotto winners missed out on winnings of $376 million

A lottery winner has never received a prize of 376 million Swedish krona.

Photo: John J. Panglow/EPA/TT

The ticket was sold in Jacksonville, Florida.

Photo: Robert E. Klein/TT

This isn't the first time a Mega Millions win has been missed, in 2011, someone lost 800 million.

Photo: John J. mapanglo/EPA/TT/EPATT News Agency

Hopefully, the lucky winner of the US Mega Millions lottery is unaware of his or her winnings. On August 15, the numbers that would make the lottery player a millionaire were drawn – the line yielded 376 million Swedish krona – but nothing happened.

The winner had 180 days to receive the prize. But days passed and no one announced himself. The Mega Millions Lottery has appealed to anyone who bought a ticket from the store in question, Publix in Jacksonville, to check their tickets more carefully. But no result.

He previously missed huge wins

February 11 was the deadline, and no winner got their money, he writes Interested in trade. Now they are freezing inside. Instead, 80% of the profits go to a state fund that supports education and schools in Florida. 20 percent goes back to winning the jackpot.

This isn't the first time someone has missed out on winning Florida's giant lottery. Last December, a winner lost SEK 460 million when he did not claim his winnings on a ticket sold in Kissimmee. But the worst was for the winner in Georgia in 2011, who missed out on collecting his winnings of more than 800 million Swedish krona.

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