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Sinn Féin will be the largest in Northern Ireland

Sinn Féin will be the largest in Northern Ireland

Sinn Fein won 29 per cent of the vote in Thursday’s election for the regional parliament, an increase of 1.1 percentage points, according to the BBC. Sinn Féin has a stated goal of reconnecting Northern Ireland to the rest of Ireland.

The biggest loser will be the London-friendly Democratic Unionist Party, the former largest party, which supports 6.7 percentage points and is down at 21.3 percent.

Instead, the growing Alliance party is making strong headway, trying to stay on the traditional divide between pro-Ireland nationalists and London-minded trade unionists. The party will be the third largest with 13.5 percent, up 4.5 percentage points compared to the last election.

The states are not clear

On Saturday evening, it was clear that Sinn Fein would win the largest number of seats in the regional parliament, as it was clear that the party would win 27 of the 90 seats. However, two more seats will be allocated.

The question is whether the reverse balance of power between Sinn Féin and the DUP could bring order to the chaos that has characterized Northern Ireland’s regional government in recent years. The region will be governed by a coalition government, according to the 1998 peace agreement that put an end to the region’s worst years of turmoil, but the coalition has waned a lot, with splits in various rounds, and the DUP warns of turmoil in the region. The prolonged government crisis will continue.

conservative slopes

Meanwhile, local elections in England, Scotland and Wales have become a difficult story for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party. When nearly all the votes were counted, the party lost nearly 500 council seats across the country, which is about a quarter of the seats the party had before the election, according to the BBC.

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The country’s rising cost of living and the new “party gate” coronavirus scandal have angered voters, who are believed to have punished the Conservative Party and Johnson. In the English press, such as The Guardian and The Times, the Prime Minister is blamed for defeating the election.

For the first time in nearly 60 years, for example, Labor has won the Westminster district of London, and the party has also won the traditionally conservative Barnet and Wandsworth.