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directly. Tokyo Olympics: Clarice Agbenio easily qualified for the semi-finals


  • It’s the fourth day of competition in Tokyo. At the moment, France ranks 10th in the medal standings, with 5 of them being 1 gold.
  • The night was not exceptional for France. The Bleues du basket went downhill against Japan in the opening session, Michel Bourez was eliminated in surfing and Léonie Périault finished well but not enough fifth in the triathlon. All results of the French are here.
  • However, not to worry, we can always dream of Golden Tuesday in particular with Judo favorite Clarice Agbenio, as well as mountain biking Luana Lecomte and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot. The rest of the day programme.

Follow today’s events live:

6 x 43. Here is the end of the fight.

6 x 35. Victoire! Not in a hurry this time, but calm with patriotic Clarisna. You’ll be in the semi-finals in about four hours.

6h34. Let’s go to the quarter-finals! It is leading 1-0 and there is 1 left in this fight. No surprise bad Clarice…

6h27. She’s scary in Clarice’s call room. Her resolute look, her helmet on her ears, you could feel her on a mission. I already have pain for his opponent in the future.

6 h 24. It’s time for the second Clarisse fight! Dutch face

6h15. We are approaching the second battle of Clarisse Agpeño. FYI, Japanese judo player Tashiro, who was the only one to be a real danger, was out of the quarterfinals.

6 h. Here is the battle of Clarisse. Don’t blink, you might miss the ippon.

5h55. This is the summary, in a few lines, of tonight in Tokyo:

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  • A sudden loss for the French women’s basketball team. For entering the race, the VPs lost (70-74) to Japan.
  • Another tough day for swimming with three semi-final matches. Charlotte Bonnier disappointed in the 200-meter freestyle. Leon Marchand and Cyril Duhamel stopped there in the 200m butterfly and 200m medley.
  • Other Knockouts of the Night: Michel Porez couldn’t take out world number one surfer Gabriel Medina. Emmanuel Lipson fails in his first round in table tennis, once again facing No. 1 in the discipline Zhendong Fan (04).
  • A great performance for the day came from Léonie Periault even if that wasn’t enough for a medal. The French finished fifth in the triathlon and the best mark in history fell in the tricolor games.

5h49. More good news: Althea Loren qualified first in taekwondo, with power. She is also aiming for a medal.

5h47. Barely enough time to say hi to Clarisse Agbegnenou, he’s already won. Here we are in the quarter-finals after just 20 seconds of fighting and Ippon against his opponent in Cape Verde. His glory day is off to a good start!

5 y 45. Hello all. We’re starting a day that promises to be sumptuous in Tokyo for France. Anyway, we hope so: We’re betting a lot on Clarice Agbenio, who will be competing in judo in a few minutes’ time, and Luana Lecomte and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, mountain biking stars. The race will take place from eight in the morning.