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Disabled on appeal, the LFP makes the general manager responsible, who throws the error at the referee

The 14th day of Ligue 1 match between OL and OM was halted for over an hour. If the spokesperson announces the resumption of the match, the governor of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes and Ron has indicated that the final decision is up to the referee. But in a press release, the LFP denounced the “decision to take over” the prime minister.

It is a fairly common scenario that happened on Sunday evening, on the occasion of the shock of the 14th day of Ligue 1 between OL and OM. At Groupama Stadium, the match was interrupted in the third minute of play due to a projectile throw that hit Dimitri Payet’s head.

The decision rests with the sole arbitrator.

Rudy Bouquet, the referee of the meeting, asked the players to return to the locker room. The interruption lasted more than an hour after that, before announcing the decision to resume the match. Facing some information circulating about the context of the recovery, the governor of the Auvergne region – Rhone-Alpes and Rhone made contact on social networks.

“After the temporary interruption of the match between OL and OM, a crisis occurred that brought together the authorities, clubs and referees. Contrary to what some rumors suggest, the decision to resume the match indicates that the decision to resume the match does not belong to the governor, the county account indicated. It is the property of the sole referee.”

However, a few minutes after the match’s resumption was announced, the LFP reported in turn, citing the governor’s responsibility. The Libyan Football Association commented: “These new serious incidents are a reminder that the security of matches is the responsibility of the host club and the local authorities, which have the responsibility to resume or end the final match. . Regrets in these circumstances the decision to resume the Olympique Lyonnais – Olympique Marseille meeting by the governor area as was already the case for the AS Saint-Etienne – Angers SCO team.”

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If the match was scheduled to kick off at 8:45 PM, the match did not resume after 10:30 PM. At the time of the announcement, the announcer said that “in the first incident, the match will be stopped permanently.” Since the start of the Ligue 1 season, only one match has been completed after the accidents: the match between OGC Nice and OM on August 22, was finally replayed at the end of October. The LFP has also already specified that it will look into these incidents between OL and OM on Monday.