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Disaster after the collapse of the dam in Orsk, Russia  the world

Disaster after the collapse of the dam in Orsk, Russia the world

After several weeks of heavy rain in Russia's Orensburg region, a dam collapsed in the city of Orsk on Friday night. Nearly 4,500 people were evacuated from the area due to flooding and thousands of homes were submerged.

Now the Russian authorities have declared a federal state of emergency.

– It makes federal efforts possible, says Emergency Preparedness Minister Alexander Korenkov during a visit to Orsk.

According to the governor of the Orensburg region, Dennis Basler, the floods in the region are the worst ever, Reuters wrote.

The mayor of Orsk, Sergey Salmin, believes that the water in the Ural River has reached “dangerous levels” and is likely to rise.

– The situation is still critical, Salmin says.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday that flooding in the Kurgan region of the Ural region and the Siberian Tyumen region is “inevitable.”

the work is stopped

The Ural River extends from the Ural Mountains in Russia to the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan, and flooding has been reported in many places along its length.

The neighboring country was also severely affected. Kazakh President Kassym Zygomart Tokayev on Saturday described the situation as one of the worst natural disasters in 80 years.

The floods halted all work at the local oil refinery on Sunday as a security measure, Reuters reported.

According to local authorities, the damage costs after the floods are estimated so far at more than 2.4 billion Swedish krona.

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