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Influencers go monkeys – for online clicks

Published on 2024-04-09 21.26

Influencers follow a monkey and her cub to film for their YouTube accounts.

The monkeys are persecuted, provoked and harassed – all to get clicks and views online.

Authorities in Cambodia are now warning that powerful people are misbehaving with macaques in the ruined World Heritage city of Angkor.

In a video clip, a small monkey is shown squirming to get free from the grip it has on its neck, while the man holding it regularly sprays water on the monkey. In another video, a person is shown touching the genitals of a monkey to provoke a reaction.

Influencers persecuting and inciting monkeys at the UNESCO World Heritage ruins of Angkor in Cambodia have become a source of concern.

– They create content to make money on YouTube. This is a very big problem for us,” says Long Kosal, spokesman for APSARA, the organization that looks after Angkor.

Even cases where influencers only photograph monkeys, without behaving badly towards them, cause problems – because they often lure them with food. When the macaques get used to eating, they may attack tourists.

– Tourists bring food that monkeys try to steal. If the tourist then resists, the monkey could bite, which is very dangerous, says Long Kosal.

APSARA has now launched an investigation in collaboration with Cambodia's Ministry of Agriculture to collect evidence against the most dangerous criminals.

-If we collect enough evidence, they will definitely be arrested. Long Kosal says all animal abusers will be punished appropriately under Cambodian law.

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