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Discover a huge super volcano under the islands of Alaska.  "great volcanic activity"

Discover a huge super volcano under the islands of Alaska. “great volcanic activity”

researchers from AGU (American Geophysical Union), which presented their discovery at the last meeting of the organization in December 2021. They suggest that The Aleutian Islands, straddling the United States and Russia, may be the legacy of a massive volcanic eruptionthat erupted several thousand years ago.

If this hypothesis is unequivocally confirmed, it is likely that the island belt will be considered as such Calder, i.e. a large bowl-shaped geographic formation left over from a volcanic eruption. The supervolcano mentioned above would have to connect 6 smaller volcanoes in this system – it’s about Herbert, Carlisle, Cleveland, Tana, Uliaga i Kagamil. According to the researchers, the arrangement of these objects indicates that they are scattered along the edge of a much larger volcano, and they are Cleveland is supposed to be the most active.

AGU researchers have not yet been able to confirm their theory, but based on geographic data (Notes) and measurement results of small but sensitive seismographs To record the many small earthquakes around these islands, point out that in the Aleutian Islands we are dealing with great volcanic activity, and that the tops of the above objects are ring-shaped.

Photo: Rainer Lesniewski / Shutterstock

Aleutian Islands (Aleutian Islands)

John Power, a geophysicist at the Alaska Volcano Observatory, suggests that further research in this direction could lead to the discovery of Why Cleveland is so active and whether it somehow put us at risk. It should be noted that AGU scientists are still at an early stage of research and, thanks to more clues, are gaining more information about The current and future dangers inherent in that region.

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