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Discovery of horror in the toilet: “My worst nightmare”

Discovery of horror in the toilet: “My worst nightmare”

Michelle Lesbron returned home to Tucson, Arizona, on July 15.

“I’ve been away for four days and was looking forward to using my own bathroom in peace and quiet,” says Michelle.

But Michelle got an unpleasant surprise when she lifted the toilet lid. There was one A “really big” snake in the toilet seat.

– I lifted the toilet lid and there it curled up. Thank God the lid fell off, says Michelle W continuous:

– I don’t think I’ve cried louder in my entire life.

She called a snake catcher who filmed him grabbing a nearly one-meter-long snake from the toilet seat – whereupon it hissed directly at the camera. Snake catcher Nicholas, whom Michelle calls “my hero”, later posted the video to Instagram And the comments didn’t take long.

“my worst nightmare”

One person comments, “This is my biggest fear, being bitten by a snake in the fence while I’m sitting on the toilet.”

Another describes what happened in Michelle’s bathroom as “my worst nightmare”.

The third writes: “I will never sleep again.”

And even though the snake was a warship, non-venomous species, Michelle chose to use the other toilet in the house for three weeks after the incident — and now she always flushed at least once before sitting down.

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