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Ving is releasing a trio of weekend gems

Ving is releasing a trio of weekend gems

with High demand for weekend trips in Europe Fing offers no Three exciting new destinations. The lively cities of Wroclaw and Valencia as well as charming Bergamo north Italy is the latest addition to Vings file. In addition to the three innovations, Ving offers central hotels and regular flight offers with flexible flight durations throughout the year.

-We are seeing a huge demand for weekend trips, as many people want to travel over the weekend and exciting big cities are once again attracting. For us, it is important to offer a wide range and we are happy to give our guests the opportunity to discover new destinations. Many of our hotels are top-listed on Tripadvisor For example in Valencia We offer many hotels with rooftop terraces and swimming pools. With direct flights from the main departure airports in the Nordic countries and our tourism offers, travel is seamless and affordable. says Claes Belvik, Communications Director at Wing.

Wrocław – Poland continues to grow in Vinj

Last year alone, the number of bookings to Polish destinations rose by 39% compared to last year at the same time, indicating that Eastern Europe is seeing demand again. After the success of Krakow, Gdańsk, Sopot and Warsaw, Feng is investing in another Polish destination. Wrocław is one of Poland’s oldest cities, dazzling visitors with its architecture, known for its picturesque squares and rich history. There is a good range of entertainment here such as interesting museums, beer halls and restaurants.

Valencia – another Spanish gem of the Vinj Group

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Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, will be Venge’s 80th destination in Spain and 18th on the Spanish mainland. Valencia is a coastal city that has something for everyone. With the perfect blend of culture, shopping, good food and sunny beaches, Valencia offers a variety of experiences. By tram you can easily visit the old city center, Ciudad Vele and experience the historical monuments.

Bergamo- A beautiful medieval city in northern Italy

Interest in Italy among Venge travelers is steadily growing. The launch of Bergamo in Lombardy therefore comes as timely news and joins the famous city of Bologna in the programme. Bergamo offers a wonderful mix of the present and the Middle Ages and is one hour from Milan. The destination attracts historic buildings, unique culinary experiences, and excursions. Also called the secret of Italy, the city is surrounded by an impressive Venetian wall that bears witness to its rich history.