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Money misappropriated in the US Navy’s worst bribery scandal escaped to Venezuela – now deleted

Venezuela has released 21 prisoners, 10 of whom are American citizens, according to the White House. They include former military men accused of trying to overthrow Venezuela’s dictatorial president Nicolas Maduro 2020.

The Caracas regime also surrendered “Fat Leonard” Francis, a notorious businessman who is believed to have played a leading role in what is described as the worst US Navy bribery scandal ever. He allegedly defrauded the Navy out of $35 million by bribing high-ranking officers with booze parties, trips and prostitutes.

Francis fled to the United States last year, then was arrested in Venezuela while in transit.

“Humanitarian Envoy”

In return, Maduro returns Alex is hardHe is Colombian and is described as a close associate of the president. He has been charged in the United States with a larger bribery offense, which included swindling money through government contracts to build cheap housing and provide food to poor people in Venezuela. These crimes are said to have generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

But in Venezuela he is greeted as a hero. Maduro believes Saab is innocent and has served as a humanitarian envoy.

Nicolas Maduro, in blue, hugs Alex Saab after returning to his home in Venezuela on Thursday evening.

– Life is a miracle, said Saab, according to news agencies, when he received a warm welcome at the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas.