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Discussing renewable energy and energy efficiency when EU energy ministers meet

Today, Minister of Energy and Digitalization Khachiar Fermanbar is attending the Luxembourg Energy Council. Among other things, the general direction of the Council is expected to be adopted for guidance on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The European Commission has proposed raising the EU’s target for the share of renewable energy by 2030 from 32 per cent to 40 per cent. The Government welcomes the general guidance of the Council on this matter, while the Government considers, among other things, that unnecessary detailed regulation which makes it difficult to achieve the objectives is to be avoided.

At the Board meeting, a general approach is also expected to be adopted on the committee’s proposal to review the Energy Efficiency Directive. The review will adapt the regulation to the EU’s green light and a climate-neutral goal by 2050. Just as with the Commission’s proposal for an EU target on the share of renewable energy, the government appears to have little detailed regulation.

The meeting will also include progress reports on negotiations for proposals to reduce methane emissions in the energy sector and proposals to review the guidance on energy performance in buildings.

In addition, the energy situation in the European Union due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine will also be discussed.

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