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Kim Jong Un’s weight loss raises fears and speculation

It started with two clips with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on state television. The clothes were looser than usual, and observant analysts noted that his expensive wristwatch had been screwed in with some slits.

The leader of the one-party state was clearly losing weight and speculation about his health immediately began.

That there are rumors About the health status of the North Korean dictator is not uncommon. In 2014, he disappeared from view To return with a stick as an aid. What exactly happened is not clear, and this does not reveal the secret dictatorship. Even when it was A year ago he was away from the public For a long time, rumors spread. Was he sick, did he even live?

What is unusual this time is that North Korean state television has an advantage where citizens express concern about the leader’s health. They don’t usually comment on his appearance at all. But now a man in a straw hat says on a news program:

Seeing Kim so emaciated made us all so sad. Everyone started crying.

The weight loss is happening at the same time that North Korea is going through a serious nutritional crisis and some observers believe that Kim Jong Un, who is believed to be 37 years old, wants to provoke sympathy among the people, and shows that he is also fighting.

Others speculate In that he had finally changed his diet. Kim Jong-un is not known as a pure-living person. He smokes, has been heard to breathe heavily and has gained a lot of weight during his time in power. According to the analyzes, Kim Jong-un is of short maturity, who succeeded his father in 2011, before he weighed 140 kilograms. The fact that his father and grandfather, the founder of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, had heart problems, contributed to the concern about his health.

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Kim Jong-un’s health is a global concern. North Korea possesses nuclear weapons, and the danger is that a power vacuum will emerge from chaos if he leaves without any clear successor in place. Traditionally, the throne is controlled by men.

Kim Jong-Un is believed to have three children, their gender is unclear and they may be too young to take charge. It was speculated that the sister, Kim Yoo Jong, may be next in line. But some doubt that women will inherit power in the ruling family.

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