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Tiger Woods Accused Of Sexual Harassment – He Was Sued For $300 Million

Tiger Woods Accused Of Sexual Harassment – He Was Sued For $300 Million

Erica Hermann and Tiger Woods became a couple when Hermann was working at a Florida restaurant owned by Tiger Woods.

When the couple began a relationship, Tiger Woods made her sign a non-disclosure agreement about their relationship, according to the lawsuit obtained by Sports Illustrated.

If Erica Hermann violated the agreement, she would lose her job.

Woods forced her into a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of keeping her job when they began a relationship. A manager who imposes different terms of employment on an employee because of a sexual relationship is considered sexual harassmentErica Hermann’s attorney wrote in the lawsuit filed late Friday.

According to Sports Illustrated, there are no allegations of specific cases of sexual assault or harassment, but Erica Hermann believes through her attorney that the confidentiality agreement she had as an employee with her boss Tiger Woods should be viewed as a sexual harassment case.

Woods is accused of sexual harassment

In March, after the couple’s relationship ended, Erica Hermann filed a lawsuit against Tiger Woods in hopes that the court would strike down the non-disclosure agreement.

A US federal law called the Speak Out Act prohibits confidentiality agreements in cases of sexual assault and harassment.

In the lawsuit, Erica Hermann’s attorney also wrote that Tiger Woods tricked his client into leaving the couple’s shared home and then refused to let her return when their relationship ended.

Herrmann’s lawyer believes his client must have been tricked at the airport into thinking she and Tiger Woods were on vacation together. Upon her arrival at the airport, she was reportedly met by a lawyer instead who said she was no longer welcome at the couple’s luxurious Florida home and tried to get her to sign another nondisclosure agreement.

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She then also sued Woods for SEK 300 million for the “emotional injuries” she suffered when Woods kicked her out of the house.