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Hundreds of kilograms of noodles were thrown into the forest – riddle solved

Hundreds of kilograms of noodles were thrown into the forest – riddle solved

When Nina Jochnowitz heard about the noodles being found a kilometer away from her home, she immediately got into the car to investigate the phenomenon herself. I soon discovered that the testimonials I had received over the phone were true. Just ten meters away from the forest, what she saw was a huge pile of spaghetti, noodles, and alphabet noodles.

– It was a seven-meter-wide pile of noodles thrown there, she says The New York Times It is estimated that the total weight of the noodles should be between 130 and 230 kilos.

She took out her mobile phone and took pictures of the noodles, then emailed the photos to the municipality to report the incident. But she also posted the photos to Facebook, where they went viral.

Pictures of the mysterious noodles quickly became local gossip and theories about who threw the noodles into the woods and why there were so many of them. It has been speculated whether the noodles came from a restaurant or a catering company that canceled late.

Noodle puzzle solved

A little over a week after the noodle was found, it appears the mysterious noodle mystery has received an answer, according to reports NBC New York. Theories that the noodles came from a restaurant have been shot down by residents of the area who now appear to have found the culprit.

According to NBC New York, the noodles must have come from a nearby home that was for sale. It is said that the house was owned by an elderly lady who passed away. When the woman’s son then emptied the house, he allegedly found a large layer of noodles, which he then chose to dump in the woods.

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– Looks like he was just trying to clean up his parents’ house and maybe they were barricaded during the coronavirus pandemic. An area resident told NBC New York that my grandparents always had a cupboard full of canned goods and pasta for emergencies.

The municipality should have cleaned up the noodles this week, and the mayor told NBC New York it was over.

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