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The crossbow wanted to kill the queen

The 19-year-old shoots his crossbow at the camera. The face is covered in an old white hockey mask at the same time as the voice is distorted.

– Sorry. I apologize for what I did and what I should do. I will try to assassinate Elizabeth, the queen of the royal family, says the 19-year-old in the video.

The movie will be watched by the British the sunIt was sent to the 19-year-old’s friends on Snapchat just 25 minutes before he was arrested at Queen Elizabeth’s property at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day.

revenge motive

Since then, the man has been arrested in custody under forensic psychiatry.

– This is revenge for everyone who died in the 1919 Amritsar massacre, says the man in the video.

The Amritsar Massacre was a massacre when the forces of British colonial masters killed 379 protesters and wounded another 1,200 in Indian Amritsar. The masked 19-year-old says he belongs to the Indian Sikh religious group, some likening the “dark side” of Seth Lord in the Star Wars movies.

British police have confirmed to The Sun that they know something about the film and are now investigating.

The 19-year-old attempted to break into Queen Elizabeth’s property at breakfast on Christmas Day. He was arrested immediately after he crossed the fence after security forces saw him in surveillance footage. It is not currently clear when the man traveled from his home in Southampton to the Queen’s estate.

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