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2022 will be defined by our ability to think in new directions about how we operate, use technology, and take the lead. That’s what Tami Irwin, CEO of Verizon Business, says, and she shares five guiding principles she believes will help leaders navigate the next year and beyond.

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More than anything else, the pandemic has highlighted the impact of technology on our ability to adapt to periods of uncertainty and change. Covid-19 and its inherent limitations have fundamentally affected how we work, live, learn and behave.

1. Accelerate digital transformation

One of Tami Irwin’s most important lessons from this pandemic is embracing digital transformation. The faster people can integrate technology into their organization, the easier it will be for their businesses to be able to adapt to new trends.

Now that we have entered the 5G era, for example, a plethora of exciting applications that use real-time analytics, including smart factories, smart cars, smart cities, the Internet of Things, as well as “augmented reality” and “virtual reality”, are Says.

2. Define the problem and make sure you have the solution

Technology is making it easier to solve problems in increasingly new ways, for example in healthcare and the recent transition to telemedicine. The pandemic has fundamentally changed our perception of what it means to have access to health care and has provided us with an opportunity to streamline many health services along the way.

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The changes also mean employees get new tools to identify problems and own the solution. We need to shift our focus from the products we sell to the challenges our customers face – and work backwards to find a solution.

Tammy Irwin, CEO of Verizon Business.
Tammy Irwin, CEO of Verizon Business.

3. Make the future work

Hybrid work and the opportunity to work from anywhere is here to stay.

Video conferencing, cloud, and instant messaging are examples of how technology is facilitating new behaviors and patterns that can benefit employees.

Take Verizon Network as a service solution as an example. Simply put, NaaS is a secure and cost-effective subscription-based model that allows businesses of all sizes to consume network infrastructure as needed, says Tami Erwin and continues:

Think of it as a thermostat, where you can increase or decrease the temperature as needed. With a NaaS solution, companies can ensure that their employees have the same security and network connection when they work from a coffee shop or from home, as they do in the office. This fundamentally changes what it means to be safe, secure, and online, so that employees can work from anywhere.

4. Lifelong learning – the core of employee development

As people live longer and longer, “lifelong learning” will become increasingly important to employees as we try to seize new opportunities. Technology will of course be an important driving force for this.

Whether it’s augmented reality classes that take students to the Colosseum in Rome, or a new app that helps you make home repairs in real time, we’re headed toward becoming a community of continuous learning. We should think the same way about work.

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5. I think you can – explain what you want

Tammy Irwin has spent a large part of her career highlighting women in technology and communications, and now this is more important than ever. Women have been disproportionately affected during the pandemic. Income trends in China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States showed that women are 24 percent more likely than men to lose their jobs. In addition, a woman can also expect her income to fall 50 percent more than a man.

The pandemic has highlighted a new leadership style — the compassionate, caring, and curious leader. When you think of the great power of simple good deeds over the past twelve months, you begin to realize how much of an impact you can contribute when you help others achieve their goals. Tami Irwin says that women above all excel in these leadership qualities and it is time for us to embrace our strengths.

Read more about the vision for digital leadership