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The European Union proposes a ban on imports of meat and coffee | climate

It was not long after the climate conference in Glasgow ended.

But the European Union is now coming up with new proposals for several measures to protect the forests. Among other things, there will be bills to reduce deforestation, by stopping the import of products that cause it.

The European Union is then looking into the possibility of prosecuting the handling of products such as beef, palm oil and cocoa.

According to the new proposals, companies should be able to provide evidence that the production and production of materials will not contribute to deforestation.

Want to be able to locate the destruction of the forest

At the same time, certain groups of environmentalists are positive that they would be willing to regulate deforestation.

“What we are proposing is a groundbreaking initiative,” said Virginius Sinkevichos, EU Environment Commissioner. Watchman.

Stricter rules also include soybeans, wood and coffee. But furniture, leather and other things are covered with tension. The proposal also means that in some cases companies must be able to prove where they received waste and that they handled it correctly. All to be able to determine where the deforestation is and what is causing the destruction of forests

Between 1990 and 2008, EU consumption was behind 10 percent of deforestation. At the same time, some negotiations will be required in the European Parliament to pass the proposal.

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