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The outbreak of luxury cruises in the Caribbean

Another cruise ship off Florida has had a virus outbreak.

This is the third cruise outbreak this week.

Now passengers are not allowed to land on the Caribbean islands – but they can do whatever they want on board.

A super-spreading event, says one of the people on the plane.

At the same time with the infection rate in Florida It is the highest since the epidemic began in sailing ferries carrying infected tourists Caribbean, reports Miami Herald.

First, 48 people tested positive on Monday aboard the world’s largest cruise ship, The Symphony of the Seas.

Later in the week, more cruise ships broke out from Florida, although vaccine and pre-boarding permits were required.

On Sunday, a third outbreak was confirmed on one of Carnival Cruises’ ships. They don’t want to say how many are infected, but say there are quite a few.

But according to Ashley Peterson, one of the passengers on the plane, there should be at least a hundred people, and the number of isolated people in their cabins is constantly increasing.

– We’re sailing on a Petri dish, it’s like I spent the last week at a Super Spreader, says Peterson Washington Post.

The luxury cruise ship Symphony of the Seas. Shipping company Royal Caribbean Cruises was in bad weather early in the pandemic, after crew member Pujiyoko died after testing positive for covid-19. The family then sued the shipping company, accusing the company of failing to protect its employees from the virus.

stop from the islands

Because of the eruptions, cruise ships were taken from several ports. The Carnival Freedom cruise ship docked in Curacao on Tuesday. But he has since informed the passengers that they will not dock in Bonaire and Aruba.

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The boat has a total passenger capacity of about 3,600 people, and the company itself says it does not want to burden healthcare in the Caribbean islands by adding there.

“We work closely with the US Department of Public Health and local authorities at all the ports we visit,” the company told the Miami Herald.

“Some destinations have limited healthcare resources and are focused on managing their local response to the omikron variable,” says Carnival Cruises.

One of the giant ships of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line moored near Cap Haitian, Haiti. Photo gallery.

Inland Seas Symphony. Travelers who have now been found to have COVID-19 can stay in their rooms.


Of the thousands of people on board, those who tested positive were quarantined in their cabins. Otherwise, the crew on the boat pretend everything is fine, Peterson told The Washington Post.

Those who are not positive can still move around freely and go to boat bars, restaurants, water parks, and shows.

At the same time, infections are being tracked and security guards are constantly looking for new passengers who suddenly need to be isolated, according to Peterson.

Since they were not allowed to land in the Caribbean islands, they were compensated with $100 they are allowed to spend on the ship, and a free bingo game where the highest payout is a new cruise.

Giant ship Symphony of the Seas.