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Cobble stone: Västerländska artilleripjäser ger effekt

Cobble stone: Västerländska artilleripjäser ger effekt

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has long advocated the use of modern Western precision weapons as protection against Russian attacks. Something experts believe has given successful results. Now the Ukrainian government announces that it is planning an attack on the city of Kherson and the southern parts of the country.

Lieutenant-Colonel Joachim Pasekevi believes that the planned attack will raise morale both in Ukraine and internationally.

– I think it serves two purposes. Partially internally against the Ukrainian population – that they are not only defending themselves, but intend to recover the territory. But also an international signal that “the support is working, give us more,” says Paasikivi in ​​Aktuellt of SVT.

The lieutenant colonel believes that Russia is well aware that a Ukrainian counterattack is on its way.

– It will not be possible to maintain the secrecy of bringing the squad forward. Hence, it is good to build morale on it.

It’s all about accuracy

Volodymyr Zelensky also commented on the benefits of Western weapons and how they are making a difference in the region.

– When you fire rocket artillery from the Russian side, you are shooting at an area of ​​1 km and you wish to hit it. Western systems can shoot at the right house or the right corner of the house. Precision is what makes you have an impact, says Joachim Pacekevi.

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