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Do you close Google Hangouts?

Do you close Google Hangouts?

Google is increasingly preparing to withdraw Hangouts messenger permanently. What can users expect and do they necessarily choose Google Chat?

There are four programs to choose from: Google Hangouts, Google Chat, Google Meet, and Google Duo. While some work together, they are all enough in the end if we want to send a message decorated with emojis, send a picture, flash a GIF, or boldly allow ourselves to make a video call. It appears that the head was unharmed from the sanctuary, but Google’s reporters finally request that one be shot. It’s been known for over 4 years that Hangouts is under the ax. now?

How does Google share its messaging services?

Sharing instant messages is resolved in such a way that when using Google services on different devices, we do not realize that sometimes we choose Hangouts and sometimes Google Chat.

At the moment, when using Google services in mobile devices, we may not even have access to Hangouts. The Gmail email app as a messenger only suggests a Meet and Chat meeting, provided that our Google account has a chat or Hangouts contact history.

Gmail app for Google account containing instant message history

Gmail without chatsView Gmail app for account with no chat history

Hangouts in the mobile version must be pre-configured as a separate app.

Hangouts appHangouts Play Store App

However, the web version of Gmail still has Hangouts in its list.

Gmail webview

We can just go to Google Chat using the menu with apps.

google apps

Among them, Hangouts is also available, but it is not a high priority.

Google Hangouts in apps

How to check the difference between Google Hangouts and Google Chat?

You will notice the fact that Hangouts and Google Chat are completely separate messaging by evaluating the messaging history available in them. Messages we send starting in June 2020 will appear in Google Chats and Hangouts. However, old messages and contacts are missing.

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Google Support ensures that old communications will also be transferred to Google Chat in the future, but it doesn’t tell you when

How did you get the idea that Hangouts was about to disappear?

Likewise, there is no confirmed date for deactivating Google Hangouts. The only reason we can assume it will happen soon is the message that everyone starting Hangouts has encountered in the past few days.

Hangout Message

You can use this tip, but if you don’t want to use Google Chat, just use the close sign in the top right corner and start a Hangouts chat. However, we should expect Meet and Chat to demand more and more attention.

Is it worth archiving your Hangouts messaging history?

It is worth making backup copies of important data regularly and it does not matter which messenger we are using. Although you will have to say goodbye to Hangouts soon, it will not matter to users.

In the past, with the introduction of Hangouts, Google kept the messaging history of its users from the Google Talk messenger. Information regarding the withdrawal of advances was also preceded by e-mail correspondence. It was also difficult not to notice the change of service, because the migration period effectively forced the use of the Google Chrome browser. This time, Google seems to want users to forget the past.

Source: Google