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Doctor: The suspected Danish intelligence chief was exploited at home

Doctor: The suspected Danish intelligence chief was exploited at home

Lars Vindsen has been the head of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) since 2015. In December last year, he was arrested on suspicion of leaking classified information. After two months in custody, he was released, but doubts remained.

The exact suspicions are confidential, but according to Dr. On the same day Lars Vindsen was arrested, three current and former employees of the Danish intelligence service were also detained. All according to Article 109, disclosing confidential information to the state is one of the most serious crimes in Danish law. It later turned out that one of these was the former Danish Minister of Defense Klaus Hjort Frederiksen.

eavesdropping at home

But there is now information that Vindsen is also suspected of spreading classified information to his relatives, which also led to him being intercepted over the phone and at his home in the months leading up to the arrest. If the suspicions are correct, his actions can be as dangerous as leaks to the media, Jörn Westergaard, professor of law at the University of Copenhagen, tells Dr.

– In principle, it is a criminal offense to reproduce top-secret information to unauthorized persons, regardless of their identity. Even if it is done on the basis of the trust of family members, friends and acquaintances.

According to Danish law, wiretapping is a more serious intrusion than wiretapping and, according to Vestergaard, requires that important societal values ​​be at stake.

Lars Vindsen has always denied any wrongdoing.

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Information about Vindsen’s detention is confidential, as of Monday. Photo: TT