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Erdogan skips Queen Elizabeth’s funeral after row

World leaders and senior diplomats will travel by VIP bus for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

But not the President of the United States – Joe Biden can drive his supercar.

Now Erdogan abolished in Turkey and more dignitaries want to treat Biden.

Planning for the Queen’s funeral on Monday will soon be complete. This major event will be attended by leaders from nearly 200 countries.

Some actors are now showing their displeasure with the layout. President of the United States Joe Biden Israeli President Isaac Herzog was allowed to go in private cars to the funeral while others had to go by bus.

It is the British government that provides buses leaving from west London where leaders will meet before the funeral, according to reports Politico.

– They are trying to convince us to take the buses and say that it will be much easier to deal with everything after that, says an anonymous ambassador in the newspaper.

Joe Biden’s ride in his “monster” armored limousine has stirred up emotions in other countries.

Joe and Jill Biden rode in The Beast in London.  The vehicle is armored and must withstand both grenades and machine guns.
Joe and Jill Biden rode in The Beast in London. The vehicle is armored and must withstand both grenades and machine guns.

They want Biden’s treatment

Diplomats from five countries, including some from the Group of Seven, have demanded exemptions for their leaders, citing age or security reasons.

– I’m trying to free us from the bus but so far I haven’t had much luck, says another ambassador.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was scheduled to attend the funeral. When he learned that he was not allowed to travel in his private car, he canceled his participation. Instead, the Secretary of State will be present.

Diplomats criticize special treatment and want the same treatment as Joe Biden. Some find it shameful to ride the same bus as “Small Nations,” Politico writes.

In the travel protocol sent to foreign embassies this weekend, there are no clear criteria for who can and who can’t travel in private, according to diplomats the newspaper spoke with.

Several countries have requested exemptions but have not received any response from the UK.

One of the countries that accepted the bus trip is Japan. It was reported that the country’s Emperor Naruhito agreed to go by bus Washington Post.

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