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Donald Trump turns 75 on June 14

Donald Trump’s birthday doesn’t fall until Monday, June 14, but the party buds have filled the gift tables to the last. House Republicans handed out a big package a month before the anniversary. They then appointed Elise Stefanik of New York as the new leader of the group after Liz Cheney.

Cheney Batadis for sticking to his persistent criticism of Trump, His lies about the 2020 presidential election and his responsibility for the storming of the Capitol on January 6 this year. Stefanik was one of the Republicans who refused to endorse Joe Biden as president hours after the congressional riots.

Trump clearly appreciated that gift from the party. In a written statement, he declared that Elise Stefanik “has my full and comprehensive support.”

Liz Cheney’s Petition – A Gift for Trump.

Photo: Rod Lamkey / CNP / Polaris

After two weeks The next gift came from party leaders in Washington to the future jubilee in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. A clear majority of Senate Republicans voted against an independent commission to storm the Capitol. Only longtime Trump critics — led by senators such as Mitt Romney and Susan Collins — have backed the review plans. And so the proposal fell.

Party leaders say the Capitol Committee will not offer anything new and will focus on the important midterm elections next year, when they have high hopes of restoring power over Congress. So they want to divert attention from Trump. But this strategy seems to work that way.

Even party friends in the country In fact, the former president showered him with gifts this spring. According to the Brennan Independent Center for Justice, there are 14 states—Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Florida— A total of 22 new laws were adopted with restrictions on the right to vote. More tightening is underway across the United States.

The 75-year-old received several packages to walk around and squeeze. Trust that he does.

The 75-year-old received several packages to walk around and squeeze. Trust that he does.

His Support Forces on the Offensive: Matt Gates and Marjorie Taylor Green, Two Most Scandalous Members of Congress Campaigns now jointly To confirm that Donald Trump is the legitimate president of the United States. This is in line with distorted prophecies from the Law Conspiracy Network, which predicted Trump’s return to the White House.

picture 1 from 2
Scandalmanian Matt Gaetz.

Photo: Beatrice Lundborg

picture 2 from 2
Scandalkvinan Marjorie Taylor Green.

Photo: Nathan Posner/Shutterstock

CNN reported that the military coup In Myanmar, law-abiding and extremist Trump supporters have been welcomed on various websites in recent months. It also appeared that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was toying with the idea of ​​reclaiming power when he visited the For God and Country Patriot Roundup — a Qanon-related conference — in Dallas last weekend. Flynn was asked why what happened in Myanmar could not have happened in the United States. He replied, “There’s no reason, I mean, this has to happen here.” He later tried to deny all his plans for a coup, but he didn’t say what he really wanted to say.

According to Maggie Haberman, the New York Times’ Washington correspondent, Trump himself is walking around telling his surroundings It is expected to be reinstalled As president sometime in August.

This is how you live the lies About electoral fraud 2020 as well. Trump’s GOP gifts look like Pandora’s Box, the box that in Greek mythology was filled with destruction. With a difference that stunned Pandora when I opened it. Donald Trump seems rather excited.

It remains unclear what his true goal is in keeping all the allegations about the 2020 presidential election alive. Perhaps his main goal is to escape prosecution in investigations into his past business activities, and perhaps he aims to return as president in three and a half years.

It is still not clear what his true goal is to keep all allegations about the 2020 presidential election alive. Perhaps his main goal is to escape prosecution in investigations into his past actions, and perhaps he aims to return as president in three and a half years.

But political scientists like David Ziblatt and Stephen Levitsky – Author of the popular book “How Democracies Die” He now claims that there is a risk that Republicans will steal the elections in 2024. More than 100 prominent scholars – with disciplines such as political science, history, and management – have endorsed the warnings that democracy is in danger.

Maybe the Republicans have I found a way to eternal power. Perhaps the party will take steps towards perdition. For five years, strategists have struggled with polarization around Trump — who has such dedicated support among core voters, but can also fend off new groups of voters.

Kina Jeffries - Young Republican favored Biden.

Kina Jeffries – Young Republican favored Biden.

Pictured: Lotta Hardelin

In the days following the election last fall, while vote counting was ongoing, DN’s Lotta Hardelin interviewed young voters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s home state. Kina Jeffries, a student and waitress on a hook in the middle of a rust belt, was one of those. She identified herself as a Republican but still voted for Joe Biden. she He couldn’t with the idea of ​​voting for Trump.

“I really don’t like the way he acts toward women, toward the LGBT movement and toward black people in the United States,” she said.

Voters like Jenna played a big role for election results in the United States. Millennials and Generation Z – that is, people born after 1980 – make up more than a third of the American electorate today. Polls show that a clear majority of them voted for Joe Biden. According to an analysis from Tuft University, youth voices have played a major role in the success of Democrats in wave guard states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Michigan.

Keira Bailey and Eva Roberts at Biden's election final in Pittsburgh - Young people elected the oldest president ever.

Keira Bailey and Eva Roberts at Biden’s election final in Pittsburgh – Young people elected the oldest president ever.

Pictured: Lotta Hardelin

This should come as no surprise to Republicans in general. It couldn’t come as a surprise to new force Elise Stefanik in particular. She herself entered the convention in 2016 as a record-breaking young woman and as one of the representatives of the 1980s who modernized the party.

She and her peers recognized that young voters had a different view of politics — that they were at the center of their views on immigration, that they championed gay rights and that they had a greater commitment to fighting racism and activism. against climate change.

Stefanik collaborated with others Young Republicans like Carlos Corbelo to reform young immigrants and to make American entrepreneurs and innovators face the challenge of global warming. She also worked hard to recruit more female politicians into Congress.

Elise Stefanik - A gift for Trump.

Elise Stefanik – A gift for Trump.

Photo: J Scott Applewhite/AP

“We millennials have a sense of collaboration across party lines and that we should roll up our sleeves and get things done,” she explained in interviews with political journalist Charlotte Alter, who has worked on The One’s We Have. Waiting: How a New Generation of Leaders Will Change America.

But the renewal came on its own. Many of Stefanek’s peers left Congress. She herself diverted her course and joined the Trump camp. Charlotte Alter claims to have chosen power in the short term over the long-term prosperity of the party In a corresponding article in the New York Times.

No one would doubt that Trump is on the alert at 75 – Republicans are aging.

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