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Donald Trump’s AI song climbs the charts

Donald Trump’s AI song climbs the charts

The image of Donald Trump from his jail in Georgia, USA spread like wildfire around the world.

The former US president himself shared the photo on X, formerly Twitter, after being banned from the platform since January 2021. Trump is accused of attempting to manipulate the election results in the state of Georgia during the 2020 presidential election.

Now Trump’s image has other effects, too.

A day after the photo was released from the detention center, American rapper Hay Reese released the song “First Day Out”, which uses an AI-generated voice to mimic Trump singing. The song is about how the former president defended himself against accusations and in a short time gained immense popularity.

The text contains, among other things, lines such as “The radical left has gone mad” and “Out towards the castle, I shall not see inside the dungeon”. The cover is a black and white copy of a photo of Trump while he was in custody.

Trump’s statement: “Funny”

“First Day Out”, released under the stage name “Trump the Don”, is currently at number three on the iTunes rap chart and has peaked at number two. The song has been viewed over three million times on X and Donald Trump himself has described the song as “funny”. The British Daily Mail wrote.

The former president is a good friend of rapper Kanye West, who has expressed his support for Trump several times.

picture: Seth Weinig/AP TT News

The voice is almost identical to that of the controversial 77-year-old, who is currently in the middle of campaigning for re-election as the Republican presidential candidate.

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The song was shared by prominent Trump supporters on the political right, which has seen its stream numbers skyrocket in recent days. Hi-Rez said in a video that the song has no primary political motive but was written with a humorous purpose. TMZ writes.

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Weird song choice – when Trump gets on stage

Speculation became heated after the odd song choice.