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Millions of bees fell from trucks in Canada

Millions of bees fell from trucks in Canada

On Wednesday morning, Toronto Police issued a notice to all motorists to keep their windows closed to avoid introducing a mass of bees into the vehicle. It was reported that several hives of bees got out of a truck and rolled onto a busy road, sending several million angry and confused bees buzzing around. The New York Times.

When the police felt somewhat overwhelmed by the large number of bees, they decided to send out an appeal on social media for beekeepers who could help collect the bees again.

– We used to have horses running in the street and an occasional bear, but there’s nothing like that amount of bees. Police told the newspaper that we had to rely heavily on experts on the matter.

One of the beekeepers who came forward was Terry Falone, whose mother called her early in the morning.

– It’s a bee emergency. They need whatever they can get from the beekeeper, her mother told Terry Falone The New York Times.

Calm the bees with the help of smoke

Another beekeeper named Mike Barber woke up to ten missed calls from the police. When he arrived at the scene, there were about a dozen beekeepers trying to sedate the bees with the help of smoke machines.

“It was very funny because no one from the police or emergency services dared get out of their cars, so all these beekeepers were just walking around as hard as they could while everyone kept a safe distance,” Mike Barber told The New York Times.

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It appears that the police were grateful for the effort. One Halton Regional Police officer told the New York Times that he didn’t know there were so many beekeepers in the area, and that it was good to see so many beekeepers coming forward because the bee department didn’t seem to be included in police training.

In addition to calming the bees, the beekeepers managed to restore some of the destroyed hives so the bees could see where their nests had gone. The effort was successful.

– What started as a cloud of five million bees soon became a smaller cloud of just 5,000 bees. It got quieter, and the bees did what they were supposed to do, Mike Barber tells The New York Times.

Typically, a beehive contains colonies of between 20,000 and 80,000 bees.

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