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Double Amiibo package delayed until November •

Double Amiibo package delayed until November •

Nintendo is having issues connecting with the Metroid Dread, and fortunately this only affects the amiibo dual pack and not the game.

As Nintendo announced today, there is a delay in the dual Amiibo package for Metroid Dread.

“Unexpected delivery delays” means that the release in Europe will be postponed until November 5, 2021.

The game itself appears on time

This has no effect on Metroid Dread itself, as according to Nintendo, the game will continue to appear as planned for the Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

“Due to unexpected delivery delays, the amiibo two-piece package for Metroid Dread will not be available in Europe until November 5th,” he tweeted. “Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch will be released on October 8 as planned. We apologize for the delay.”

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This is what Amiibo does in Metroid Dread

Includes Samus Aran and EMMI Amiibo Twin Pack

If you clear a Samus amiibo in the game, you can unlock an additional permanently available power tank. You can also recharge the batteries once per day.

In the meantime, EMMI-Amiibo gives you another permanent missile container + here too you can replenish the missile supply once a day.

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