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Draft in front of Biarritz, UBB is still the leader

If the Bordeaux Bigleys cemented their place at the top of the championship by dominating Biarritz (30-27), they did not shine on Sunday, during the 14th day.

Bordeaux-Bigles, upset with a brave Biarritz team taking a defensive bonus, barely won (30-27) but retained his place as leader of the Top 14 at the end of the 14th day. With 46 points, Bordelet remains top of the French championship, ahead of Toulouse (41 points) and Montpellier (40 points), whose match against Toulon has been postponed due to Covid-19 cases in the RCT workforce. Girondins, who have not played for three weeks, in collective preparation for this first game of the year truncated by Covid-19, rarely justify their leadership position.

For an hour, Christophe Aureus’s men, lacking in rhythm, rarely caught up with Shawn Sorbey’s men, who had to be forgiven for their failure in Monday’s match against Montpellier. It took the return of his ceremonial seat (Mathew Galiberte, Maxime Loco, Gander Marais, Cameron Walkie) for the captain himself to distance himself from the Basque abruptly less impulsively. In quick succession, they scored two attempts by Italian winger Federico Mori – another Ward – (64) in the conclusion of a direct attempt with five from Bordelais, and UJ Seuteni (67) gave hope at a quiet end of the match (25-6).

End game with twists and turns

But rather than managing this advantage in the score, Guido Petti’s teammates fell into defensive failures and generosity which put BO logically in the game after testing the strength of Tornike Jalagonia (71). It was thought that the explosion of this visitor was just an arc when Morey went again to the corner (76), a procedure in which the photographer was seriously injured and evacuated on a stretcher. Did this incident happen towards the end of the match in favor of Bordelais, who once again became feverish to protect their offensive bonus? Perhaps seeing the Biarrots enter them, push them back, and thus score two attempts by Romain Lonca (79) and especially Francis Saili (80+5) for a well-deserved bonus point.

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