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DuckDuckGo invents email protection function | Mac Live

DuckDuckGo has a free and personalized email function advanced. The system is an alternative to Apple’s Hide My Email feature in iCloud+ and allows users to send email messages to apps, sites, and services to a random iCloud email address before sending them to their physical address, and third parties don’t receive the user’s real email, only the random iCloud address.

Apple combines the functionality with iOS 15 and macOS Monterey and essentially hides the pixels in emails used to track and process that traffic through a proxy. Then there was nothing left for the marketer to purposefully pursue.

DuckDuckGo is a little different and removes trackers from emails before forwarding emails to users.

DuckDuckGo’s solution is compatible with all platforms, while Apple’s solution is manufacturer specific.

And how does that work now?

Users choose a duck email address of their choice and enter it into newsletters and the like. DuckDuckGo removes hidden trackers from incoming emails and sends them to the real email address the user stores.

DuckDuckGo has one to manage The app for iOS and advanced Android.

What do you think of the DuckDuckGo offer? Would you prefer it over Apple’s solution?

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